Due massive Bot Attacks / Biolink Abuse we currently do not offer any free Bio Links for new user! Please try it again in a few days.

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Created on 11 July, 2021FAQ • 11,026 views

Found a Bad Girl or Bad Guy?

People can use this service for free! They can shorten links and create Bio Pages (linklists).

Most people use it in a correct way, - some others would like to see the World Burn! Also if we use Firewalls, Geo Blocking, Google Safe Search, Cloudflares Auto Reports, random reviews .. to check every generated link, we can't guarentee that they won't use it to link to Phishing Websites or try to use it in other harmful ways.

We do not tollerate any abuse of our system! If you think that a shortlink or a biolink is used to create or to link content that is against any law or harmful to people or animals,- give us a Report and we will take immediately action. Did you know? Someday as we changed the system to a more secure one we deleted more than 90 000 harmful Links in one night.

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